Friday, August 21, 2009

Morgan Lin Lomax

Morgan Lin Lomax was born on August 11, 2009 at 2:07 pm. She was 6 lbs 10 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. My doctor scheduled my induction at 6:30 am! We were already pretty tired from getting everything ready the day before so we were pretty tired. We got to the hospital at 6:30 and I was in my room and changed getting my IV in and started the petocin by 7:00 am. My doctor came in around 8:00 and I was dialated to a 4. She came back at 9:00 to break my water. Around 11:00 I got my epideral which was so much easier and less painfull than it was with Mason. With Mason the guy told me that it would just be a small poke for the numbing needle but he was totally wrong and I flinched a little and he yelled at me! Anyway...this anestieologist was great - the needle didn't feel great but at least he was nice and didn't yell at me. Shane even looked at the needles and described to me how long they were. Then he started to get a little queesy and had to sit down. After I got the epideral The doctor came in the check me and I was dialated to a 5 at around 12:45. About 45 minuted later I kept getting these pains which I thought were the contractions so I kept pushing the button to have the medicine come. That really didn't help and Shane had to go get the nurse. She can in to check me and I was fully dialated to a 10 and the baby was coming! At this point I was pretty freaked out since I didn't anticipate it to happen that fast. The doctor and a bunch of nurses came rushing in and had to hurry and set things up. Once they were ready the doctor told me to push and her head came out. She had the cord wrapped around he neck so they had to hurry and cut it. The next push she came out! The doctor later told us that everything that could go wrong with the cord did. It was wraped around her neck and it was only about 12 inches long and normally it is almost double that. With Mason I was so worried about the cord being around his neck but it wasn't so I didn't even really worry about it this time and it happened! The doctor and nurses were worried about Morgan's color and her breathing so they took her to the nursery but Shane was able to bring her back with in about 15 minutes because she was really improving. We can hardly believe that we have a beautiful little girl. She is the sweetest baby ever! Mason loves her so much. Shane brought his to see us in the hospital that night and he was a little upset because he was more concerned about me and where I had been but once he saw baby sister he got a big smile. he is always giving her kisses and petting her "fuzzy" head.

This is the newborn picture they take in the hospital. We think she looks a lot like Mason. She has his same nose checks and chin just a little bit smaller (Mason was almost a whole pound bigger than her).
This was the day we brought her home from the hospital. She is so tiny! It's hard to believe than in a few months she will almost fill the whole car seat up!

Mason loves baby sister so much! He is the best helper too. He will give Morgan toys to play with and will even giver her his buddy (blanket) which is amazing since normally if another kid comes near his buddy he will push them down to rescue buddy (just ask Cameron and Evan). Before Morgan was born Mason still seemed like my baby but now that we have a newborn again he seems so huge!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mason's 2 Year Old Pictures

Mason had his 2 year old pictures taken. He did so well. At first he is usually shy of the photographer but once he sees that he is getting his picture taken he will ham it up. He takes such good pictures that we usually end up getting a picture of each pose. He is such a happy kid and we love him so much!