Friday, September 30, 2011

Yellowstone Trip

When Shane and I first got married - 10 years ago, we took a trip to Yellowstone and Shane has been anxious to go back ever since. So we finally made the trip back the Yellowstone this time with the kids. We started out Friday afternoon and made the trip to Jackson. The kids were pretty good riders except for the occational "are we there yet?".
We usually stop halfway through a trip to let the kids run around for a bit to make the trip more tolerable for all people involved. Daddy kept having to chase Morgie down and she thought it was so funny.
Mason got daddy's old pair of binoculars and he was super excited to start using them. He would look up at the mountains and then inform us what animals he saw - like deer, a lion, a moose etc. He is practicing to be daddy's hunting buddy!

And we had to make the occational diaper change.

We made it to the hotel in Jackson about 7:00 that night and Morgie and I got us all settled in while the boys went to pick up dinner. Mase loves staying in hotels and tells us he wants to live in one - not me. I would rather have more than one room with beds that are too small.