Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Mason is growing up so fast! It is hard to believe that he is almost 2 years old. It seems like it was only a short time ago that we brought a tiny baby home from the hospital and had no clue what to do with him. Hopefully we are a little more prepared to bring the next one home in about 12 weeks. We decided to transition Mason into a toddler bed a few months before the baby comes that way he won't feel like we are kicking him out of the crib to give it to the baby and besides I can't lift him into the crib anymore. I'm try to avoid the sibling animosity as best I can. So we got Mason a "big boy bed" and he loves it. We had been talking with him about a big boy bed for a few weeks so he was pretty excited when we brought it home and daddy put it together. As soon as we put the mattress in the bed he jumped on up and set down. He would sleep great for naps and at night. He wouldn't even get out of bed until someone came and got him. That only lasted a weeks until he discovered that it was possible to get out of bed on his own. Then instead of sleeping he would play or get into his closet and putt all of his dirty clothes out of the laundry basket and pull all of his shirts off the hangers! We are still working on staying in bed at nap times.

Mason also decided that since he is a big boy he can brush his teeth all by himself. He likes to get his stool and brush - and by brush I mean suck the toothpast off the toothbrush and then chew on the toothbrush.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Riding in Style

Sometimes Mason isn't the biggest fan of riding in the car. He has to have the proper equipment to make any kind of trip - long or short. He absolutely has to have is buddy (blanket). He cannot go anywhere without it. And since the sun is usually shinning right in his face he wants to have his hat and his sunglasses. I also usually give him a sippy cup full of milk or juice so I can get him buckled. He is too busy drinking to fight me. Shane and I were going to the store the other day and I looked in the back seat and found this. He is just sitting back looking like the cutest boy I have ever seen. It totally made us laugh!

Shane, Mason, grandma Crook and I went to Taget the other day. Shane took Mason to the toy isle to see the trucks (his favorite toys). He found this one truck that had a song and made a bunch of noise. When Mason hears music he likes to dance. Sometimes it is just a head bob and sometimes it is full body movement. This is somewhere between both.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easter Clothes

Mason looked so cute in his new easter clothes! He was even able to keep his clothes clean in nursery. Easter sunday was so beautiful and our flowers were in bloom which really makes it feel like spring.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Easter Morning

The easter bunny came to our house to vistit Mason and bring him treats and toys. Mason got lots of eggs filled with candy and fruit snacks (his favorite) and he got mini Tonka truck and a magnetic board with car, people, train and airplane magnets. He liked the trucks the best - almost more than the candy! Mason and daddy played with the trucks most of the morning until we had to go to church. I don't think the easter bunny realized how loud these trucks were when he decided to get them for Mason.

Mason loves trucks!

Mason searching for easter eggs

Mason found this egg filled with candy. I told him no more until we have breakfast and this is the face he gave me.

Dying Easter Eggs

Mason loved dying easter eggs with daddy. He wanted to dye them all by himself but daddy decided to help him to avoid a big mess. I'm not sure who had more fun - Mason or daddy. Mason loved the colors but daddy liked making designs on the eggs. We didn't dye eggs last year because Mason was just a baby but it was lots of fun this year!