Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Riding in Style

Sometimes Mason isn't the biggest fan of riding in the car. He has to have the proper equipment to make any kind of trip - long or short. He absolutely has to have is buddy (blanket). He cannot go anywhere without it. And since the sun is usually shinning right in his face he wants to have his hat and his sunglasses. I also usually give him a sippy cup full of milk or juice so I can get him buckled. He is too busy drinking to fight me. Shane and I were going to the store the other day and I looked in the back seat and found this. He is just sitting back looking like the cutest boy I have ever seen. It totally made us laugh!

Shane, Mason, grandma Crook and I went to Taget the other day. Shane took Mason to the toy isle to see the trucks (his favorite toys). He found this one truck that had a song and made a bunch of noise. When Mason hears music he likes to dance. Sometimes it is just a head bob and sometimes it is full body movement. This is somewhere between both.

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Larry said...

That is a great video!! Mason has amazing rythmn....Grandpa Lomax