Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mason's New Bunk Bed

Mason has been in a toddler bed a little over a year and a half now. He has loved having his McQueen bed but daddy has decided Mason needs a bunk bed. So we had grandma Crook watch Morgie so we could take Mase to look at bunk beds. He had lots of fun climbing up and down on all the beds at the furniture stores. After going to 3 stores and after much discussion on mommy and daddy's opinions we finally settled on a bunk bed. It was the most expensive and it requires a twin mattress and a full sized mattress but I think it will hold up to anything Mase can put it through.
Here is the old room with the toddler bed
Cute little Morgie loves being is big brothers room playing with him.
Here is Mase in his old room right before I have to take it all apart to make room for the new bed

Here is the final product! It took daddy and Richard a while to put it together and I didn't even hear any bad words (but I wasn't in the room the whole time :)