Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beach Day

We went to a fun little beach with Mandy, Ryan, cam and Ellie today. It is this big pond up in a neighborhood by their house. The water was great on a hot Huly day and the kids had lots of fun. Mason enjoyed using the spray guy and morgie mainly just stayed with mommy or daddy since she can't quite walk yet.

Daddy took the kids out in the boat. Mase liked it but Morgie wasn't a fan.

Mase was nice and worn out by the time we headed for home so this is what the car ride was like - nice and quiet for mom and dad.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mason is 3 Years Old!

Mason turned 3 on July 15th. He is getting to be such a big boy! I can't belive how big he is getting. On the morning of his birthday we made Micky Mouse pancakes and put candles in his and sang happy birthday. This year he didn't try to touch the flame thank goodness!

Our awsom neighboors the Brannon's couldn't make it to Mason's birthday party so they stopped over earlier to give his his very own tool belt and tools! Mason was so excited. He loves tool. now he has a tool belt just like his daddy.

Morgie loved to wear Mason's safety goggles

So cute!

Mason had a Cars themed birthday party. He loves Lightning McQueen and Mater. That is always his movie of choice.

Mason loves it when everyone sings happy birthday to him. He gets a big grin on his face!

After blowing out candles it is present time and Mason wasted no time unwrapping all his presents. He got puzzles and books and clothes and cars.

This year Mason got a power wheels truck from daddy, mommy and morgie. He needed a big truck like daddy's.

The second he saw the truck he got a huge grin on his face and ran right over to it. For the next while he drove Cam and Ellie around the yard. He needs a little work on the stearing but with a little practice he'll be a good driver.

Mason had a great birthday and it is really exciting seeing my little boy turn 3 years old!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oregon Trip

We usually go to Oregon a few times a year and this year we decided to go in July so we could go to the beach and be there for Rainier Day's (towns carnival and fireworks). Aside from me being sick the night before and having to fly with a quesy stomach it was a really fun trip. Shalese picked us up at the airport and drove us to grandma Lomax's house. Mason is always excited to see her but Morgan doesn't warm up to other people that quickly. However she did like Brett cause he's bald like her daddy!
The next day we headed down to Seaside. Morgan had never been to the beach or seen the ocean before so we were excited to take her. It was pretty overcast during the morning so we decided to walk down the boardwalk by the beach and head to the aquarium. Mason especially loved all the fish and the hands on stuff. Morgie was content to set in the stroller for a little while.

This is a seal exhibit. It happened to be their mating season so we didn't stay for to long. Shane lifted Mason up to look and one seal came up out of the water right in his face. Needless to say it scared him and he was done looking.

Monny and Mason looking in the fish tanks

Shalese and Morgie

Mason loved to touch the sea urchins.

Morgan, Grandma Lomax, Shane and Mason walking back to town.

On the way back to the car Mason spoted some puppies on the beach and he ran over to pet them. This kid is way to fealess!

We stopped at the bumper cars and Mason, daddy and Shalese went on the ride. Mason loved it until he got bumped to hard and hit his mouth on the stearing wheel. Then he wanted off.

We found a fun merry-go-round in this little mall by the beach. Mason thought it was so much fun especially when the operator tried to grab his foot every time he came around.

We went to the beach afterward and let the kids play in the sand. Mason loves to dig in the dirt and draged grandma all around the beach to dig with him. Morgan didn't get down too much. She didn't like the sand and the water was way to cold for her skinny little body.

Mason was not about to take time out from digging for a family photo.

Mason got so dirty and wet that eventually he just took off his diaper and threw it away. Who knew this was a nude beach. I thought it was way funny but I wasn't the one who had to chase him down naked and wash him off before he got in the car. We had lots of fun at the beach. Unfortunatly Morgan got her first sunburn. She has daddy's fair skin. After a long day at the beach we decided to head back to grandma's to rest and recover.

Saturday was the Rainier day's parade. Shane and Shalese had started to get sick with the same flu during the night so grandma and I took the kids down to the parade with Justin, Lori and Ryan. Mason thought this was a fun parade cause all they did was throw candy into the crowd. Seriously it was like Halloween! There were a few fun floats but mostly tractors and classic cars. Mason kept following the biggers kids into the street to pick up candy but the bigger kids kept taking the candy right out from under him so aunt Lori was nice enough to tell the big kids to stay away from the little kids. Mason and Ryan went home with big bags of candy. That night we went to the Rainier day's carnival. Shane was feeling a little better by this time and he was able to ride with us on the farris wheel. I didn't feel comftorble taking Morgie so she stayed on the ground with uncle Brett. We all had a great time and it was fun to see everyone.

11 Months Old

My little baby girl turned 11 months old on July 11th. She is an awsome little girl and we love having her so much. She has a couple of teeth now and she crawls pretty good. She is really trying hard to master the stairs. She has almost made it to the top a few times. She is starting to get pretty vocal but she is still pretty somber which is ok by us. She loves her brother especially when he makes her laugh. She also loves her daddy but mostly she loves her mommy and she always wants to be with me. We love Morgie and can't wait for her birthday next month!

9th Anniversary

Our 9th Anniversary was on July 7th. Shane and I had planned on going to dinner and going shopping and seeing a movie. What we actually ended up doing was waking up at about 4:30 in the morning with Morgie throwing up. She got the flu from Mason. Since Morgie doesn't really like anyone but me, I got to be the one rocking her while she slept in between throwing up for the rest of the day. I always feel so bad for little kids when they are sick. By about 5:00 that evening she seemed to be doing better and was able to hold down some crackers. About 7:00 that night I starting feeling a little queesy and by 9:00 that night I had the horrid Utah flu and I was sick the entire night. I was able to sleep a little bit on the bathroom floor and I did notice that I needed to do a better job of cleaning under the rim of the toilet. Shane sleep downstair for fear of catching the most contagous flu ever. The really bad thing was we were supposed to catch a flight to Oregon at 7 am the next morning. I could barely sit up without hurling again so needless to say we couldn't make that flight. Luckily Shane was able to get the flight changed to 5:00 that evening for no extra charge. That was the worst flight of my life. There wasn't much turbulance but everything there was a shift I thought I was going to puke but lukely I didn't. Shane kept telling me not to puke because he is a sympathetic puker and it would have set off a chain reaction. Anyway I hope to never spend an anniversary like that again or take an airplane ride like that again.
The best part about our anniversary aside from being married to Shane for 9 happy years was we bought a king sized bed! I have been wanting one ever since I was pregnant with Mason. A queen was just to small and ever since being pregnant I do not like to be touched at all when I sleep which is bad for Shane since he likes to cuddle. It also works great because Mason usually ends up in bed with us most nights and he likes to spin circles in between us.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July 2010

Our 4th of July started pretty early in the morning as Mason had the Utah 24 hour flu bug. He woke up puking all over. He pretty much laid around all day on the couch watching movies. He decided he felt better that evening when we had a BBQ and thought he could handle a hot dog. He kept it down for about half an hour and then got sick again. After puking up his dinner he felt better. We have been trying to keep Morgie away from Mase so hopefully she doesn't get sick.

Since Morgie can't walk yet we had to bring out the port-a-crib so she doesn't scrap up her knees crawling on the concrete.
Mason wanted to lay in the port-a-crib to recover from throwing up his dinner.

After a while Mason decided he felt good enough to help with fireworks. Our neighbors, the Brannon's came over to help us use up the fireworks.

Here is Pete and Shane lighting fireworks in the street. Our diveway is not very long and I kept telling Shane the fireworks were too close to the rest of us sitting in the driveway wrapped in blankets so the mosquitos don't eat us alive. By this time Morgie was in bed cause she does not like to stay up after her 8:00 bed time. Mason was sitting on my lap wrapped up in a blanket with me and Shane was sitting in a chair beside up. He was lighting smoke bombs and tossing them into the street. Now smoke bombs are just supposed to smoke not explode or anything. Well Shane lit one and threw it a little to close and the thing exploded and came flying right back at us! It hit Mason on the forehead with enough force to leave a black mark and a knot, then it dropped on my blanket and started it on fire. Shane and Pete jumped up to make sure Mason was ok and Pete had to stomp out the fire on my blanket. After that we were kinda burned out on fireworks so we called it a night. Hopefully next year there will be no flu and no exploding fire balls being shot at Mason. Overall it was not Mason's best 4th but the rest of us had fun.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun at Jumpin' Jacks

Mason's cousin Ellie turned 6 on July 2nd. She had a birthday party at Jumpin' Jacks and Mason couldn't wait to go. He asked me all week long when we were going to play with Ellie and go in the bounce houses. The day finally came and Mason had so much fun. He went down one slide when we first go there and I think it was too steep and fast for him because he wouldn't go near that slide again. Instead of the slides he chased after Ellie and he friends and rode in the truck rides. I only had money for one ride but he was more than happy to just sit and the trucks and pretend.