Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July 2010

Our 4th of July started pretty early in the morning as Mason had the Utah 24 hour flu bug. He woke up puking all over. He pretty much laid around all day on the couch watching movies. He decided he felt better that evening when we had a BBQ and thought he could handle a hot dog. He kept it down for about half an hour and then got sick again. After puking up his dinner he felt better. We have been trying to keep Morgie away from Mase so hopefully she doesn't get sick.

Since Morgie can't walk yet we had to bring out the port-a-crib so she doesn't scrap up her knees crawling on the concrete.
Mason wanted to lay in the port-a-crib to recover from throwing up his dinner.

After a while Mason decided he felt good enough to help with fireworks. Our neighbors, the Brannon's came over to help us use up the fireworks.

Here is Pete and Shane lighting fireworks in the street. Our diveway is not very long and I kept telling Shane the fireworks were too close to the rest of us sitting in the driveway wrapped in blankets so the mosquitos don't eat us alive. By this time Morgie was in bed cause she does not like to stay up after her 8:00 bed time. Mason was sitting on my lap wrapped up in a blanket with me and Shane was sitting in a chair beside up. He was lighting smoke bombs and tossing them into the street. Now smoke bombs are just supposed to smoke not explode or anything. Well Shane lit one and threw it a little to close and the thing exploded and came flying right back at us! It hit Mason on the forehead with enough force to leave a black mark and a knot, then it dropped on my blanket and started it on fire. Shane and Pete jumped up to make sure Mason was ok and Pete had to stomp out the fire on my blanket. After that we were kinda burned out on fireworks so we called it a night. Hopefully next year there will be no flu and no exploding fire balls being shot at Mason. Overall it was not Mason's best 4th but the rest of us had fun.

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