Monday, September 28, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Grandma Lomax and Aunt Shalese came for a visit to see Morgan and Mason. Daddy took Shalese to work with him one day so Mason, Morgan, grandma and mommy went to the zoo! It was a very nice day. Probably one of the last we will have before cold weather hits. Mason loved to see all the animals. He also like grandma pulling him around in his wagon.

Grandma and Mason standing infront of the Rhinos.

Mason was so excited to climb on the Rhino. He was getting very impatient waiting for other kids to get down.

There was a baby giraff at the zoo. Mason was most excited to see the giraff's.

We all had fun at the zoo - even Morgan. It was her first time and see did great (she slept the whole time which was nice for me).

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