Monday, October 12, 2009

Newborn Pictures

We had newborn picutres taken of Morgan when she was about 2 weeks old. We finally got the pictures and they are so adorable! She was wide awake for most of the photo shoot. Mason was even being pretty good and took a few pictures with her. Morgan in her cute newborn dress. I love this dress and she was only able to wear it twice before it was too small for her.

Mason is the best big brother ever!

I had to keep a close eye on Mason during this picture. He kept wanting to climb in the basket with Morgan.

Morgan got to wear the cutest tutu for this picture.

Mason loves his baby sister so much. I know everyone thought Mason was going to beat up on her but he is so nice and gentle with her and he loves taking pictures with her.

This is my favorit picture of Morgan. I love the hat she is wearing - so cute!


Mandy said...

Cute pics! It is so sweet that Mason loves his little sister so much!!

hadjo said...

Those are way cute!!

Linda said...

I love the pictures with Mason and Morgan. You can see that he loves his sister.