Saturday, June 12, 2010

10 Months Old

Our little Morgie turned 10 months old on June 11th. She just keeps growing and growing! She has a few more teeth which means onery teething days. She likes to pull herself up on things like the couch or chairs and she is finally crawling for real - up on her knees not just draging her body along the floor. She loves to play with Mason and the two of them have lots of fun in his room, that is until she starts playing with his toys. Morgie is such a fun baby and we love having her! Morgan loves to play with the dishwasher. Whenever she hears the water running in the kitchen she crawls over as fast as she can. She loves to pull out the silverware and tries to grab at the plates. One time I pushed the bottom drawer in on the dishwasher and she climbed on top of the door just to get at the plates!

Morgie will hold her own bottle now too! I was so excited when she started doing this. Mason would never hold his own bottle or his own sippy cup until he was about 18 months old. I was so tired of holding him and the bottle/sippy cup. Morgan is so independent - she already wants to do lots of things on her own.

The 3 kids taking a break.

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