Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morgan is 1 year old!

Morgan turned 1 year old on August 11th. We started the day off with a birthday breakfast. Morgie didn't quite know what to do with the candle so after we sang happy birthday Mason helped her blow out the candle.
We had a party for her later that evening with the whole family. We had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and a yummy cake. We sang happy birthday to Morgie and Daddy helped her blow out her candles.

Morgie didn't really get opening the presents so Mason was more than happy to help her open the presents. Morgie got lots of presents. She got lots of clothes, a riding truck, animal magnets, toy camera, a toy piano, a baby and baby stroller and a buch of other stuff.

Mason was more insterested in her toys than Morgie was. Morgie liked to play with the wrapping paper.

Morgie had her own smash cake and she really liked to stick her hands in the middle of the cake and she loved the frosting. She was a lot more agressive with the cake than Mason was. He wouldn't even touch his smash cake.

The is the final result. Morgie stuck her hands and feet in the cake. She seemed to have a lot of fun on her birthday. We love her so much and are so glad to have her in our family.

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