Friday, September 10, 2010

Water Slides

Justin, Lori and Ryan came to visit us for a week. While they were here we decided to go to a small water park. It was the first week of school for most kids in Utah so we pretty much had the park to ourselves. There were four slides and they were pretty fun. Mason was kinda scared at first but after one trip down with daddy he was hooked! Morgan likes water but I'm not sure if she like the slides or not. She just sat on my lap going down the slides with a straight face.

Morgie and mommy going down the slide.

Mase and daddy after going down the slide.

Mason did really good in the water. In swimming lessons he did not like to put his face in the water or even go underwater. At this park he would dive down in the water and float for a few seconds. He did the repeatedly so hopefully he has gotten over his fear of getting his face wet.

Daddy and Morgie. They have the same hairstyle!

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