Friday, October 15, 2010

Haloween Party

We had our annual Haloween party and grandma Crook's house. It was fairly nice weather so we were able to have the party in grandma's backyard. Jade, Stacy and their kids and Bill and Phylis were able to be there.
Grandma Crook had a bunch of different colored bags the kids could decorate with Haloween stickers to put their candy in.

My two little bugs. Mason was a sting bee and Morgie was a butterfly.

We had a pumpkin pinata and the kids were really excited to gt the candy out of it. We started with the youngest kid and went up from there. Morgie go to go first and I got to help her.

Mason got his turn and hit the pinata a few times. The pinata was a lot harder to break open that anticipated so after all the kids got a change to hit it Ryan finally got all the candy to fall out. The kids all got tons of candy and were happy.

Mason the sting bee, Cameron was mickey mouse, Ellie was a witch and Morgie was a butterfly.

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