Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Mornin

The kids were so excited for Christmas morning. We had Mason sleep in our bed so he wouldn't be able to sneak out early. After Morgie woke up were all went downstairs to see if Santa stopped by our house.
Here is daddy and Morgie coming down the stairs to see the presents!
Mason and Morgie were excited to see all the presents Santa left for them. The both got a kitchen a play tent and tunnel to share. Morgie got clothes, a rocking chair, a kitty coloring books, a few books and several other things. Mason got an easle, puzzels, coloring books, books, clothes and lots of other things. I guess these two were pretty good this year.
The kids loved the kitchen
Mommy and Mason trying to take presents out of the boxes.
Mason got some cool Car's sunglasses in his stocking.
After playing with the presents Santa left we headed to the Christmas tree to open presents from eachother. Morgie's favorite way to open presents was with her mouth.
Aunt Shalese came over for breakfast and presents. After breakfast and cleaning up we all went to visit great-grandma Jones in the assisted living home. The kids got grandpa Don to get them cookies and goldfish crackers from the snack cart so they were happy. Later that evening we had Shalese, Don, Grandma Crook and Great-grandma Hilton over for Christmas dinner. We all had a very nice Christmas.

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