Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bear Lake

Since Justin, Lori and Grandma Lomax are here for a visit we decided that we should go to Bear Lake for the day. We headed out earl in the morning and got there a little before lunch time. The kids were very excited to go swimming and play in the sand. We had to go to Randevou beach since that was pretty much the only beach left because of the very high water. We found a nice spot by the jet ski rentals and we set up the beach umbrellas and the blankets. Shane pumped up the tubes and we put the life jackets on the kids and set them loose.
Mase and Morgie loved having daddy tow them around in the tube. The tube has a bottom in it so the kids could set in it. It was even pretty nice for the adults to use too.
Morgie loved to play in the sand. She kept filling up here bucket and was trying to find sea shells but there really weren't any since the water was so high.
We all decided to chip in and rent a jet ski for a few hours. It was so much fun and we are contemplating buying one in the future! We each took turns and I went with Shane a few times but not before I threatened him with sever punishment if he dumped me off!
Mason loved the jet ski. He went out with daddy and Justin a few time. Little did we know that uncle Justin taught Mason how to drive the jet ski! So Mason and daddy took Grandma Lomax out for a spin and Mason reached up to squeezed the gas really hard and made the jet ski get up and go really fast and almost dumped grandma Lomax off the back. Needless to say that didn't help with grandmas huge fear of the water - sorry grandma!
Here Mason and Morgie are trying to fill up the bucket with water and sand. It didn't work very well since the buck had a huge crack in the bottom. The buck was left in the Bear Lake dumpster.
Mason thought it was hillarious to be burried in the sand. Him and grandma spent a lot of the afternoon playing in the sand. We had a great time at Bear Lake. It is one of our favorite places to go. Hopefully next year the water will have receaded some and there will be more of a beach. The water was so high the the bushes that are usuall up on the beach were covered and felt like sea weeds when you walked on the and that totally grosses me out. Anyway...we had an awsome time with the family and we are glad they came to visit us.

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