Monday, February 18, 2013

Disneyland Day 1

We decided to take a much needed vacation and get away from the freezing winter.  Shane promised the kids that he would take us to Disneyland.  It was the first time for all of us and the kids were so excited.  It was all Mason could talk about at school for the week before we left.  We left Saturday morning and drove to The Nevada / California border and stayed at the Buffalo Bills Casino / Hotel.  It was so busy since it was Superbowl weekend.  The next morning we ate breakfast and headed toward Disneyland.  The closer we got to LA the warmer it got.  By the time we got to our hotel by Disneyland it was 78 degrees!  It was so nice!  We checked into the hotel and all changed into shorts and went to dinner.  After dinner we came back and changed into out swimsuits.  The pool was a little too cold but we had lots of fun in the hot tub.  After the hot tub we tried to go to sleep but the kids were so excited that it took a long time to calm down and go to sleep.

On Monday we got up bright and early to catch the shuttle to Disneyland.  We got to the gate and was very surprised to see the huge lines.  Once we final got in to the park the first place the kids wanted to go was to the castle.

Mason and Morgan in the car in front of Toad Wild Ride.

Morgan was so excited to wear her princess outfit all day long and to meet princesses.

Morgie on the Merry-Go-Round
Daddy and Mason on the Merry-Go-Round
The ride Mason really wanted to ride on was the teacups but since it was off season the ride was closed for repairs.  The kids were really dissapointed but there was a teacup available to get a picture taken in. 
We had to stay late for the parade and the kids were so excited to see some of the Disney characters.  We got front row seats for the parade.  There were a lot of dancers in the parade and there were a few floats with princesses and other characters on it. 
After the parade we made it back to the shuttle.  Once loaded onto the shuttle the kids promptly fell asleep.  It was an awsome first day at Disneyland.

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Mandy said...

Keep them coming! I love seeing your pictures from your trip... and I love Morgan's smile. What a cutie!!