Saturday, December 12, 2009

4 Months Old

Morgan turned 4 months old on December 11th. We took her to the doctor for her 2nd round of shots. The shots went much better this time. Her legs are a bit more chunky now and she hardly cried at all. She weighs 13 lbs 9 oz (49%), 24.5 inches long (61%) and her head circumfrance is 16 inches (41%). She is right on track for her milestones. She is trying to roll over and is coming very close. She is cooing and smiling and laughing and is becoming more verbal. She can now start rice cerial. Here are a few shots of her first time with "food".

Overall the first time was as expected. She really didn't like the tast or texture and ended thowing it all up. We'll keep at it and soon she'll be a pro.

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hadjo said...

She is so adorable! Miss her cute face!