Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was tons of fun in our house this year. Mason was so excited for Santa Clasue to come and leave him presents. Morgan put on a good show of being interested for mommy and daddy. Mason was a really good boy this year with not messing with the presents under the tree but when Christmas morning came he wanted to open all of the no matter if they were his or not. After opening all the presents and playing for a while and eating too much Christmas candy, we made the rounds to grandma's and grandpa's houses where the kids were spoiled even more with presents and candy. We had a wonderfull Christmas and look forward to the new year!

Mason loved ripping the paper off all the presents and throwing it anywhere but in the garbage.

I think Mason was more excited with Morgan's presents than she was. For some reason baby toys are so much better than his toys.

Mason got a Hungry Hungry Hippos game that he loves! He wants to play the game several times a day with daddy (and daddy is more than happy to play).

Mason's loot

Morgan's loot

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