Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jackson Hole

Ever since we have been married Shane has always wanted to go to Jackson Hole in the winter to see the elk. We have been several times in the summer when it was nice and warm and before we had any kids that would chant at us for an hour that they want out of the car (trust me mommy wanted out of the car even more :) After a lunch break we got back in the car and Mason kept saying that he wanted to go to Jackson's Hole. Since Shane's work slowes down in January we thought it would be the perfect time to go. Justin, Lori and Ryan came down from Oregon to go with us. We each stayed in a condos for a few days. On Shane's list of things to do each day was to wake up at the crack of dawn, take Mason and go for a ride to see the animals for a few hours so me and Morgan could sleep in.

Mason, Daddy and Morgan (sleeping in the stroller) at the antler arch. Mason was even nice enough to let Morgan use his buddy over her stroller so she wouldn't get too cold.

Mason, Mommy and Morgan at the antler arch. You always have to take one of these pictures and then we were off to find Mason and Morgan shirts to remember their first visit to Jackson Hole.

We went on a sleigh ride through the refuge off the main highway. It took about an hour but you got to be really close to the animals. Eventhough it was cold it was pretty cool to be up close to the elk. We also saw a bald eagle on a post right by the sleigh and there were several coyotes that were catching mice within about 50 feet from the sleigh. Then I had to listen to Shane, Justin and the guide talk about the animals and the size of the racks and cheater points (?) and all sorts of other things that didn't make any sense to me. It was definetly an experience. One that I don't think we will go on again until both kids are older, but Shane got his dream vacation. Now I just need a mommy and no kids and no husband dream vacation for a few days :)

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