Thursday, March 4, 2010

Its All Part Of The Plan

So you know it is time for spring and warmer weather to arive so more time can be spent outdoors when your 2 1/2 year old proves to you that he watched too much tv. Mason likes to watch Disney Chanel and there is only so much playing with toys, coloring and reading books to do so he gets to watch tv. On Disney chanel there is a show called Special Agent Oso. Anytime unexpected things happen to Oso he says "Its all part of the plan, more or less". Well yesterday I was on the computer and Morgan was playing on the floor by my chair and Mason was busy pulling the couch coushions off the jumping on them. He climbed on the side of the couch and fell of the edge in the corner and he got up and said "Its all part of the plan, more of less". I almost died laughing. Like I said before its always nice when your child lets you know they watch too much tv.

Mason has quite a talent for building forts. This alows me a little time to make dinner or take care of his sister.

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hadjo said...

my favorite is his cute little cars slippers!