Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Orange

Mason's favorite color is orange - at least we think it is. That is the only color he will say. He used to say blue and green and point to the right color. Then he discovered orange - now everything is orange no matter what. We have farms around our house so there are a lot of horses we pass any time we go anywhere. Mason will shout "horsies!" We then ask him what color the horse is and he always says "orange!"

If we see a cow anywhere Mason will call it a "sheeps". He used to say cow when he saw one and would say moo but now he says it is a sheeps. He is so funny about it too - if you try to tell that it is a cow he is very insistent that it is a sheeps. And of course the color is orange. One day I was trying to tell him it was a cow and he would tell me no sheeps. We went back and forth for a minute and finally he yelled at me "no mommy sheeps!" I just had to laugh. He may have daddy's temper but daddy says he has mommy's stubbornness!

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Linda said...

It is so funny, every time we say colors, it is always orange. And the cows are orange sheeps!