Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mason's Birthday Party

Mason had his 2nd birthday party on July 10th. We celebrated a few day's early so grandma Lomax and Shalese could be there. We had a BBQ in our backyard and had all the family over. Mason and his cousins played in the pool for a while. They were all squealing and splashing each other.

Ellie, Mason and Evan

Mason loves Curious George so we got him a George cake. He really loved it. He was so cute when we sang happy birthday to him. He smiled so big and then he blew out his candles.
Pay no attention to the big fat pregnant lady. I tried to avoid pictures at all cost but it couldn't be totally avoided.

Mason got lots of fun getting presents. He got a new wagon, puzzles, a toy buldozer, a sandbox and a big wheel. He loved opening presents. Cameron even jumped in the wagon with Mason to help him open presents.

Mason can't quite reach the pedles on the big wheel yet but he still liked it. It will be great for next summer when he can reach better.

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