Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

The Easter bunny brought the kids fun stuff in their baskets and also hid lots of eggs for them to find. Mason was really excited to see what the Easter bunny brought him. When both kids were awake and Morgan was feed we ventured downstairs to see what the Easter bunny had left for them. Mason was very excited to play with his magnadoodle. Then he saw the treats in his Easter basket and forgot all about the toys. Then he looked around and saw a few eggs hidden and he was off to search the rest of the house.
Daddy tried to help Morgan find a few eggs but she was more interested in putting the eggs in her mouth. It was ok - big brother was happy to find them all himself.

Mason was so excited to find the eggs he had dyed but he was supper excited to find the eggs with candy and money in them.
Daddy had to try out the bunny ears!

By this time I was trying to get breakfast done but Mason had other ideas for breakfast. I think he had more candy on Easter that at Christmas.

Morgan loved to play with her stackable rings.

Eventhough it was General Conference Sunday I still had to dress the kids in their Easter outfits. They looked so adorable! I love Morgan's flower headband and how Mason loves to put his arm around her for pictures.

Some of our spring flowers are up so we had to get a picture infront of the house. Overall We had a great Easter. It was Morgan's first and it was fun to see how excited Mason was.

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