Monday, April 12, 2010

Potty Training

So I have been attempting to potty train Mason and it is definetly harder than I anticipated. I bought training pants and a "froggy potty" and a potty chart. After about a month of potty training aka dragging a screaming child to the bathroom while he says " I don't like to go potty in the froggy potty. I just like to pee in my pants". I have decided to give potty training a rest for another month and hopefully Mason will decide that it is ok to go in the froggy potty. Heaven help me with this child!

The other day Mason was supposed to be picking up his toys he had left in the kitchen. I put the toy at the top of the stais and asked him to take the downstairs to his toy room. Just like any 2 1/2 year old he didn't was to pick them up. He told me to roll them down and he would catch them. Well I rolled the first toy down and he caught it with his face. He screamed and I ran down to look at him and his lip was bleeding a little bit. Once he knew it was bleeding then he acted like he was dying (he must has his daddy's weakness for blood). So we got him all cleaned up and better. A few days later he had a really high feaver. Shane also had a fever a few days before so I took Mason to the doctor to see if he had an ear infection. While the doctor was checking him out he looked in his mouth and Mason said and I quote, "My lip is hurt. Mommy did it on purpose". I wanted to sink into the floor. My own son was ratting me out! On the was out to the car I had to look around to make sure a social worker wasn't going to tackle me to the ground and take Mason away from me. Oh the things children say.
Here is Mason when we were trying to potty train. He didn't wear pants much for a few weeks - just easier to go to the potty. He also was trying to fix the gate for Morgan so she won't fall down the stains when she is in her walker. Such a nice big brother!

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