Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at Grandma's House

We had Easter dinner at Grandma Crook's house. After dinner we had an Easter egg hund. We sent Angie and her boyfriend Sterling out to hid the eggs. The kids grabed their baskets and ran outside. Morgan stayed with Mandy while Shane and I went out with Mason. Mason is a pro at finding eggs by now. Notice the snowman in the background. So not fair to have snow and to have freezing cold weather on Easter.

Mason is so proud of all the eggs he found! Poor Morgan had to stay in the house because it was too cold for her outside and she cried the whole time. Several people tried to comfort her but she would have none of it. She just looked out the window trying to find mommy! No one will due lately but mommy.

This picture is as good as it gets after a day of nothing but sugar!

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