Thursday, May 13, 2010

9 Months Old

Morgan turned 9 months old on May 11th. She is definetly a mover now! She will army crawl everywhere. She has tried to crawl on her knees but decides it is faster to just drag herself across the floor. By the end of the night her shirt is so dirty from draging herself everywhere. She has both top teeth now and she is saying more words like "baba" She also goes from her tummy to setting up all by herself. She will also pull herslef up in her crib which means that in the middle of the night she will pull herself up and scream because she can't get back down - so I have to get out of bed and put her down. But the very best news of all - Morgan is now weaned and is taking bottles! So huge! She would never take bottles before and I was getting tires of feeding her bacuse she is a bitter. So I just gave her a bottle one day and she took it! Amazing - I am so happy! I also took Morgan to get her 9 month pictures. Her are a few of my favorites. I love her eyelashes. Lucky for her she got her mommies genes.

This is the only smile we got out of her - out of 20 pictures!

This is her first picture of the session. It was so funny that I had to get one!

I took Morgan to the doctor for her 9 month appointment. Thankfully there were no shots this time around - except for pricking her foot to check her iron level but that wasn't too bad. The doctor said she was right on track and that she looked healthy. Her height is 28.5 inches (81%). her weight is 16 lbs and 3 oz (15%) and head circ. is 17.25 (45%). So she is really tall and really skinny. The doctor told me to try to feed her more but I can't force her to eat if she doesn't want to. Anyway I think the nurse weighted her wrong. Well I guess I will try to get her to eat a lot .

Morgan pulling herself up in her crib. She uses the crib rail as her teething ring. This kid chews on everything and puts everything in her mouth. I am constantly vacuuming the carpet and taking forein objects out of her mouth.

I love how peacefull kids look when they are asleep!

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