Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zoo Day

The kids and I went to the zoo this week with Grandma Crook, Jo and Evan. Mason and Evan had fun riding in the wagon which I got to pull again up and down the very hilly Hogal Zoo. There were a lot of school kids there on field trips so it was a little crowded towards the end but we had lots of fun. Mason loved to see the elephants and the monkeys and the giraffs. He especially liked the baby elephant. Mason is really a little dare devil. One day he is going to fall and crack his head open.

Grandma was lucky enough to get a picture with all the kids who didn't want to cooperate much.

Grandma and her best buddy. Notice Mason had grapes in his checks that he is storing for winter.

Pregers Jo and Evan

Me and Morgie. This was Morgan's 2nd trip to the zoo and she did great. She really loved the train ride. She would squeal and make lots of noises as we were on the ride. Overall a really fun day at the zoo!

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