Monday, November 1, 2010


This Halloween Grandma Lomax and Shalese came to visit. Actually Shalese is moving here to Utah for her job. So Grandma Lomax got to go trick-or-treating with me and the kids. The kids were really excited to go trick-or-treating but we had to wait a little while because it started raining and it was pretty cold. We waited a little while and the rain died down a little so we headed out around our street. Despite the rain we still had several trick-or-treaters and we went throught 2 big Costco size bags of candy.

We always have to go to Pete and Kristy's house trick-or-treating first. They are some of Mason and Morgie's favorite people.
Mason saw some other kids riding in their wagon so we had to get ours and we had to ride from house to house in the wagon but the kids seemed to enjoy it and it kept Mason from running ahead of us and getting lost.

Morgie was the cutest butterfly ever and the costume kept her warm on the cold rainy night. She was also super excited to get a bunch of candy and we could hardly keep her out of it.

Mason loved being a sting bee and he would turn around and show everyone his stinger on him bum.

The kids had lots of fun despite the rain and got way too much candy. Morgie really got into trick-or-treating this year. Her and Mase had lots of fun and also enjoyed answering the door and handing out candy to other trick-or-treaters.

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