Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We made our annual trip to Oregon for Thanksgiving again this year. We had two extra passengers with us this time. Shalese came along and so did Richard who was working with Shane for a few months. So that makes six passengers in our Explorer plus all the luggage. We definitely had a packed car. We started out at 6 in the morning to get an early start but little did we know that this would be our longest Oregon trip ever! We got to about Burley Idaho and we were in a full out blizzard. I don't think we went oer 20 mph for at least the next 3 or 4 hours.
These were our road conditions
Mason was very scared of the "white storm" and was afraid we were going to get stuck. Truth be told I was scared of that too. There were cars all over the side of the road stuck in the ditch.
Morgie was really good and didn't seem to mind the drive too much. She kept meowing like a cat which I thought was cute and funny but I think it got on other peoples nerves.
We had to drop Richard off in Bend and then head over to the mountain to stay with Shane's dad. The whole trip there took us about 18 hours the first day. Then we still had another 2 hours to get to Justin and Lori's house the next day. Needless to say we were all a little tired and ornery.
While we were there we went sledding with Shane's brothers. Mason really wanted to go and we had all the winter gear so we decided to go. We went to the high school and there is a really big fun hill to sled down. I took Mason the first time down and it didn't go so well. We rolled near the bottom and Mason decided he didn't like it very much. Uncle Brett talked Mason into going down the hill with him and they rolled too and Mason ended up with a bloody lip. Poor guy - he refused to go down the hill again but he was content playing in the snow.
Shane and Brett
Me and Shane getting ready to race Justin.
Mason was loving the snow.
The time we spent in Oregon was great. It was nice to relax and see the family. On the way home we thought we could miss the storms but we had to pick Richard back up and after that we ran right into more snow for the rest of the way home. And to make matters worse we were about 2 hours away from home and the interstate was shut down so we had to make a detour and go an extra 2 hours out of our way bringing the trip home to 19 hours. We were all exhausted and in no rush to ever make that long trip again. I think we are more airplane people now.

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