Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Family Pictures

We decided to have family pictures taken since we hadn't had one since Mason was like 14 months old. A lady in our ward is an awesome photographer and she took us to the house that was lover 100 years old. It was a lot of fun. The house was very nice and the yard was great for pictures. Mason was a total ham and really wanted to dominate the camera. Morgie doesn't like getting her picture taken and she would not smile at all. The kids did pretty good while we were trying to get good shots and were rewarded with suckers and fruit snacks. Here are a few of our favorite pictures.

This picture describes the kids perfectly. Morgie is really somber and Mason is alway happy and in her face.
Daddy and Mason with a silly squinty face.

Daddy and Morgie with her anoyed face.
This is the family picture we chose for our Christmas card and also for the big picture displayed in our home. Once again it displays the kids personalities perfectly.

Mason, mommy and Morgie

This is the only picture of Morgie that we got where she was smiling - even a half smile around a sucker. I love how blue her eyes are in the picture.

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